CliniNote System

What is CliniNote?

CliniNote is an assistant to medical note creation that saves time of doctors while normalizing and structuring the medical note on-line. It makes the note fully analysable immediately after it is ready. Based on free text entered by the doctor and recognized by our NLP engine , CliniNote provides hints how to make the sentence relevant, clear, unambiguous and comparable regardless of the language, HIS, country where it has been created and/or used. Unification of the specific medical vocabulary enables the full interchangeability of data collected in the medical notes.

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CliniNote provides dictionaries storing the multi-lingual phrases of medical language. The phrases are coherent, relevant, analogous, explicit and comparable regardless the language used. This unification of the specific, medical vocabulary enables the full interchangeability of data collected in the medical notes.

When the medical note is created the NLP data collection engine and NLP assistant utilize the vocabulary and data predefined in dictionaries. Based on free text entered by medical professionals NLP engines suggest the phrase and match it with phrases stored in dictionaries. Thanks to dictionaries maintaining fully equalised multi-language phrases that are stored in the database, the data collected while creating the note provide accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance & timeliness.

Multilingual assistant makes the normalization and structurization of medical notes on-line fully accessible and analysable immediately after the note is ready, while the NLP engine learns the pattern of the language and vocabulary used by doctor. This causes an increase in the accuracy of the suggestion, resulting in easier creation of medical notes by doctors each day they are using CliniNote.

CliniNote benefits

High Quality Data

Five traits always provided - accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance and timeliness. Immediate access to real-world data. Crutial data for personalized medicine.

Time Saving & efficacy

Saves doctors & nurses time on EHR creation.

Automated eCRF filling for CRO/Drug discovery.


Always stored in safe systems.
Fully controlled access via HIS or secure CliniNote portal.


All domains of medicine to be covered.
Oncology already supported.
Supervised learning on a completely new level - continuous interaction with the teacher (Medical Professional)
Innovative and continuosly evolving algorithms that suggest sentences

How Does It Work? Simple, quick and tailored

STEP 1 - Get the CliniNote. Decide what information to collect. Create your own CliniNote dictionary or use an available one.

STEP 2 - Click and install web browser extension (just one time) AND start creating medical note in HIS. Simply do it.

STEP 3 - Enjoy! ...and search, analyze, collect all notes using CliniNote!

Step 1 | Decide What Information To Collect?

CliniNote Dictionaries are a source of information. CliniNote provides initial extensive dictionaries based on existing datasets - ICD10 (ICD11 soon), CTCAE or on a general medical language dictionary.

You can also simply CREATE your OWN specific dictionary and/or CREATE the dictionary for your hospital.

All dictionaries benefit from constant evolution and new entries made by community of professional users, physicians as well as CliniNote AI suggestions.

Step 2 | Install Easy To Use Browser Extension AND  start using CliniNote and collect Real-World Data during your normal work!

Effortless and hassle-free for the medical professionals and IT support.

Just install web browser extension - the CliniNote.Assistant and our sidebar will appear when you will start creating your note.

  • No need for deep integration or installing new, complicated software on hospital computers - it’s simple and flexible. Use the extension and keep writing your note without changes to the usual note creating process.
  • Self training  and AI powered

By creating your medical note with CliniNote Assistant, you are creating a database of information... while just creating your medical note!

You can use it, search it and analyze it immediately after saving the note in HIS.

  • Organized and accessible history - by patient, disease, date, phrase, ...
  • Always complete and accurate
  • With your own note template
  • Perspective - the more notes you collect, the more and faster you will get information back
  • Multilingual - easy to translate and exchange

Step 3 | Enjoy! more notes with CliniNote, more healthy and safe patients, more time saved.

Enjoy the power of structured data! Search, analyze and explore the information you have collected. Use CliniNote.Medreports! or simply while having the patient - get instant access to the Patients history! With all details!

  • More time to work with patients
  • Less time for data searches
  • More knowledge at hand
  • Safe and anywhere accesible via CliniNote homepage


You want to collect information about status of a given mutation X (or any other defined by you or the hospital) in a group of oncological patients. Navigate to the online tool of a CliniNote homepage, log in or create an account. Use or create the dictionary that you need.
CliniNote App
Open a dictionary dedicated to Oncology. Go to the section “Tumor”, then subsection “Mutational status” and create paragraph “Gene X”. Easily add three clear, well distinguished entries in the new paragraph:

- Mutation of gene X has been detected.
- There is no mutation of gene X.
- Mutation of gene X has not been checked for.

Each entry in the dictionary is being assigned with its unique ID. Define whether information from paragraph “Gene X” is mandatory or required in the medical note. If needed - add parameter like date, number, list of predefined words.

Why use CliniNote?

When creating next medical notes, simply start typing “gene X…” and choose one of three proposed options, while saving precious time with your patient.

When you decide to search for specific medical data in your notes, you no longer need to do it by hand - you can easily access your database full of structured and complete information, with clearly defined status of the “gene X mutation” of all the patients you have encountered. The unification of medical vocabulary enables you to have access to accurate and well-organised medical data, ready to by analysed and used in your research.

Let's dive into CliniNote and real-world data in healthcare

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