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🎙Our CEO Rafal Szmuc spoke during recent EIT Health #investors discussion about #DigitalHealth investments.
📍He emphasized that the creation of an infrastructure for the effective acquisition and exchange of #clinicaldata is the foundation for further development of #innovations in medicine, not only in the area of #ML or #AI, which is obvious, but also for the development of medicines or changing the business models of #healthcare #providers#payers and #bigpharma .
📍#ValueBasedHealthcare models require a good understanding of the diagnostic process and the therapy itself, yet this knowledge is embedded in the #clinicaldata. Today, most of this type of data is text, very difficult to use, but we are working to change this quickly.
📍Projects such as #DarwinEU by European Medicines Agency are already aiming at acquiring #RWD on a large scale for this purpose.

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