CliniNote in the DigiOne International Project

Last week we proudly participated in the annual Connect to Win meeting in Madrid. As a key contributor to the DigiOne international project led by the Digital Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research, we engaged in discussions on leveraging technology to support Research and Development (R&D) initiatives in the field of oncology.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Jan Poleszczuk, took the stage with vigor to present the groundbreaking topic, "AI-Augmented Virtual Assistant for Better Data Capture." Jan's central message resonated deeply: "Medical staff's time is particularly valuable. Our mission is to solve the long-standing dilemma of the need to gather an increasing amount of data while striving to free up time for healthcare professionals and medical staff to work with patients. Today we can prove it with results of projects delivered. We are convinced that our solution will also contribute to solving the problem of interoperability, which means connecting data from various healthcare providers regardless of languages and infrastructure challenges, thus speeding up research in medicine, which is a goal of the DigiOne project."

Partnership with IQVIA

In line with the objectives of the DigiOne project, we are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between IQVIA and CliniNote in the realm of data collection products. The collaboration involves integrating IQVIA's Natural Language Processing (NLP) software, designed to facilitate retrospective medical record data, with CliniNote's solution supporting prospective clinical data collection.

The integration of IQVIA's NLP software with CliniNote's platform is poised to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry work with clinical data. By co-developing these solutions, we aim to not only streamline data collection processes but also enhance the quality and availability of data for medical research.

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