CliniNote: Pioneering a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Data

CliniNote, a Poland-based startup, is embarking on a transformative journey within the healthcare data industry. Created by a robust team of industry veterans and with its first institutional investment, CliniNote is poised to reshape how healthcare professionals work with clinical data.

CliniNote is addressing the challenges associated with collecting and processing clinical data, as crucial step for the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) into healthcare workflows. This forward-looking approach involves transforming established practices and elevating efficiency to new heights.

The CliniNote Assistant empowers medical personnel by simplifying clinical documentation processes while effortlessly capturing comprehensive real-world  data via a software plugin. This innovative approach enhances the efficiency of medical documentation preparation and enables the creation of a database of Real-World Data, previously considered unattainable, without placing additional burdens on doctors, altering existing processes, or requiring a dedicated integration with hospital information systems.

CliniNote's technology extends beyond clinical documentation, offering increased efficiency in various data processes within healthcare and pharmaceutical domains like the acceleration of clinical trials, a critical process.

"It’s our mission to resolve the enduring dilemma of balancing the need to save doctors' time with the imperative to collect more clinical data, which is crucial for the transformation of the healthcare industry. We firmly believe that our solution also effectively addresses the pressing issue of interoperability in the healthcare industry" Robert Lugowski, CEO of CliniNote, commented.

CliniNote has successfully closed tit’s initial financing round, led by CEE focused early stage VC Sunfish Partners with additional support from business angels including Katarzyna Pieniądz, Pawel Mańdok, Pawel Woźniak, Piotr Ruciński and Winicjusz Filipow among others. CliniNote remains open to further investment opportunities and is gearing up to conclude the second part of the round in November. “We decided to back CliniNote as we believe in the enormous opportunity in this area ahead of the introduction of the European Health Data Space. Making unstructured treatment data usable for data exchange and applications in artificial intelligence is one of the most pressing challenges in digital healthcare. In CliniNote we found an extraordinary team with a bold vision and first implementations and partnerships tackling this very problem.” says Max Moldenhauer, Managing Partner of Sunfish Partners.

CliniNote remains open to further investment opportunities and is gearing up to conclude the second part of the round in Q4 2023.

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About CliniNote:

CliniNote is a health-tech startup headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. It specializes in clinical AI and NLP solutions. It’s flagship product, the CliniNote Assistant, is revolutionizing how healthcare professionals interact with clinical data. Their innovative technology empowers doctors and medical staff to effortlessly collect vital clinical data without disrupting existing healthcare processes. CliniNote was founded in 2020 and currently employs 12 people.

About Sunfish Partners:

Sunfish Partners is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in outstanding tech-forward companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Sunfish has invested in 14 companies so far, including some of the most innovative companies in digital health in CEE like, Aether Biomedical, and Sunfish Partners in based in Berlin and Warsaw and is managed by Dr. Marcus Erken, Max Moldenhauer, and Pawel Lipkowski.

CliniNote is thrilled to share some exciting news! 🚀 We're privileged to have been selected for the DayOne - Healthcare Innovation accelerator in Basel, the European capital of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our journey began with two incredible days of workshops as part of the #DayOneHealth40 accelerator kick-off. Meeting experienced mentors, learning from industry veterans, and networking with fellow founders to exchange ideas were the highlights of this enriching program. The spirit of optimism was truly infectious!

We're eagerly looking forward to the next two months of collaborative events and seizing every opportunity in the pharmaceutical realm. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting adventure! 💪💊🌟

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We're #hiring a new Business Development Manager in Warsaw, Mazowieckie.

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We’re #hiring a new Product Manager in Warsaw, Mazowieckie.

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At #HTF2022, there was a panel discussion featuring Jan Poleszczuk from CliniNote and his fellow panellists Jacob Guy DiemarNadine van Dongen, and Chad Franklin. These experts shared insights on ways our current workflow can be reframed for better efficiency and lower costs.

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CliniNote was at the Med-Tech World Meet-up at the Google CSG headquarters in London 🚀 represented by Robert Lugowski 👼

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As part of the event accompanying the Economic Forum of the Three Seas Congress in Lublin, we had the pleasure of sharing knowledge and experience from the international expansion of CliniNote.
We are glad that our region supports startups and has noticed the success of CliniNote. One of our values is #givingback and remembering who supported us from the first days 🙂

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At #ImpactCEE CliniNote, represented by Robert, took part in discussion trying to answer the following topics:

Interested how technology is changing healthcare?
Why #EuropeanHealthDataSpace is important to drive #DataDrivenMedicine?
Does #ArtificialIntelligence in medicine have a chance to develop in Poland?
How startups like CliniNote innovate healthcare data processes?

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🎙Our CEO Rafal Szmuc, during the conference "E-health perspectives - Data in the health care ecosystem", presented how to work effectively with clinical data to create a base for analysis and development of artificial intelligence.

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CliniNote had a great pleasure to present its grounbreaking solution during The Life Science Open Space, which is an event for scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, doctors, brokers, investors, and officials – who share a commitment and drive for cooperation in solving problems, facing challenges and developing innovations for the health and quality of life.

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