Basic configuration nad requirements for computers and other infrastructure to run safely CliniNote Assistant and CliniNote Board. The requirements are applicable for each organization using own instance of hospital information system.

ApplicationCliniNote Assistant
CliniNote Poartal / CliniBOARD
[system ]min. WINDOWS 7 or bettermin. WINDOWS 7 or better
[web browser]Firefox v. 78 (2020 release) or higherFirefox, Chrome, EDGE
[hospital information system - HIS]CGM CliniNet, ASSECO and other using web browser as an interface.
FOR ANY OTHER HIS please contact CliniNote.
[network connection]1. fixed IP of database server
2. fixed public IP
3. for internal communication minimum:
3.a. wireless min. 802.11g
3.b. ethernet min. Fast Ethernet 100Mbit/s
4. for external communication:
4.a. for download - min. 300 Mbs
4.b. for upload - min. 50 Mbps

- wireless - min. 802.11g
- ethernet min. Fast Ethernet 100 Mbit/s
[storage and apps]- My SQL database server (other SQL servers upon request)
- CliniNote extension installed (web browser extension)
- VPN (essential for CliniNote link to database server)
- minimum storage available to run CliniNote = 5 GB per organization
- minimum storage for database and disctionaries - minimum 25 GB / year / organization