Jan Poleszczuk, PhD - CTO of CliniNote and Ligia Kornowska, MD - Managing Director of Polish Hospital Federation in talk with Paweł Luty L!Talks on AI in healthcare and how much smartness of AI is driven by Real-World Data. Hear it to understand where we are and what is the future.

Why we need an AI in medicine and healthcare? What kind of challanges doctors, patients, AI developers, scientists are facing? The need of Real-World Data to educate the AI. How to change the way the real data standardized and normalized are collected.

Thank you @Paweł Luty for hosting and leading this great discussion.

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27th January CliniNote CEO Rafal Szmuc participated in Warsaw Health Innovation Hub workshop on the certification of electronic applications in healthcare. The challenge is to keep pace of the digitzation in healthcare industry while maintaining high quality, safety and standardization of applications, software and hardware used.

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