We are delighted to announce our new partner - TriNetX!

TriNetX is a global health research network connecting pharmaceutical companies, investigators and patients to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials and evaluate new therapies more rapidly. TriNetX collaborates with 13 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies and 120 healthcare organisations in 19 countries, making it the market leader in protocol design, feasibility and site selection. TriNetX uses real-world data and state-of-the-art analytics to optimise the clinical trial process.

CliniNote and TriNetX will cooperate on many fields, including collecting and processing unstructured clinical data.

CliniNote has been noticed by the Department of Innovations of the Polish Ministry of Health and is to be included in the national Registry of Innovations. Representatives of the Ministry have congratulated our Founders on the idea and its realisation.

CliniNote has been described as a step towards digitalisation of medical documentation using the best standards.

CliniNote, now part of the the Registry of Innovations, will be recommended as possible for future use in the healthcare system.

Thank you Ministry of Health for the appreciation of our initiative!

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